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A tool used to defend.
A tool used to express.


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Masela Nkolo

Some people use guns and knives to protect themselves against violence

and enemies. For me it was a screwdriver. Growing up in Congo, during a

period of unrest and civil dispute, one could never know what would happen

next. As a young child, I began walking with a screwdriver in my pocket as a

weapon to defend myself. But, by the time I turned 17, I began using the

screwdriver also as an art roughing tool for my sculptures. Now I've

transformed the screwdriver into a tool of art and am using it to protest

against violence and its mentality. Instead of using weapons to harm others,

we can use them to transform our future. Which is why the sculpture is

created as a woman. Why a woman? Because women give life and without

life there's no future or hope. But I want to say there's hope. We can create

good from bad, peace from violence, love from hate, and friends from

enemies. If I can use a screwdriver for art, how much more can we

transform our mentality and lives?

Meduims Details


Screwdrivers and Some part of Oil lanterns.


74 x 18 x 18 Inches.



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